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Workplace Safety Equipment in Brisbane

From PPE to safety signs and first aid kits, Tradey’s Browns Plains provides a full range of workplace safety equipment to help keep your workplace free of accidents, injuries and illnesses caused by on-site hazards. Explore our range of workplace safety products available across Brisbane, Browns Plains and Australia-wide.

Height Safety

Protecting against falls is an essential priority when working at heights across any profession. The key is having the right equipment, from PPE like non-slip safety boots through to the right harnesses, clips, ropes, lanyards and clips to prevent falls from large heights. Whether you’re a roofer, window cleaner or work in construction, our range of height safety equipment can help keep you safe.

Asbestos Consumables

Working with and around asbestos is serious business. Failing to have the right asbestos PPE can be a matter of life and death. With our range of masks, protective gloves, safety boots, hazardous waste bags and full hazmat suits, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing you’re protected when working around asbestos.

First Aid Kits

Maintaining properly stocked first aid kits is essential for businesses in any industry. We supply everything you need from adhesive strips to eye wash care, burn cream, snake bite kits, sharps containers and fully stocked first aid kits you can keep on site or on the move.

Emergency Eye Wash

Any workplace with dangerous substances on site should have emergency eye wash equipment to provide quick first aid when any accidents occur. From chemical processing plants to hospitality businesses and any other profession where there’s a risk of harmful or irritating substances getting in the eyes, keep your emergency eye wash supplies well stocked.

Safety Signs

Proper signage is another important pillar of workplace safety. We stock everything from traffic cones and bollards to caution tape, mesh barriers and yellow safety chains. Our range of safety signs makes it easy to communicate on-site hazards such as chemical storage and dust as well as PPE requirements like hard hats and earplugs.

Workplace Safety Supplies in Brisbane, Browns Plains & Australia-Wide

Make workplace safety simple with the team at Tradey’s Browns Plains. Click and collect across our full range to pick up from our store in Browns Plains or enjoy Australia wide shipping. Call today on 07 3809 2211 or contact us online for any questions.

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