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Welding Apparel

Welding is one of the most dangerous jobs out there. Those instant arc flashes can be very damaging to your eyes and can leave you with painful arc eyes and even permanent vision damage. The heat from welding jobs can also cause burns and many finishing jobs such as grinding and plasma cutting involve lots of hot flying sparks that can cause damage on impact.

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Welding Apparel

Businesses must invest in the right type of PPE for welders to ensure site safety. At Tradey’s, we offer a huge variety of tradie workwear to choose from, and many of our garments are specially designed to enhance the safety of welders by providing ample heat, fire, impact and flash protection.

Get The Best Welding Work Clothes

We offer a huge variety of welding clothing that you can buy directly from our website. All of our welding clothes are designed with the following characteristics:

A Variety Of Welding Clothing For Sale 

Practical fit – Most of our welding PPE clothes are quite flexible and as such, are designed to suit most body types. This clothing is also practical in that it provides you with good overall protection.

Durable – All welding apparel is made of the finest quality materials which result in a long life expectancy. 

Enhances work safety – Our clothes are designed to offer you maximum protection while you are taking on dangerous welding jobs and will shield your body from various harmful elements. These clothes can also be custom screen printed or embroidered with specific messages to help alert or keep your welders safe while on duty.  

Heat protection – The fabrics and materials used in the production of welding garments such as aprons, jackets, spats and more are fireproof and heat resistant. 

Impact protection – These clothing items are made of thick materials that protect your body from the impact of flying objects such as grinding sparks.

Stylish – Most PPE workwear isn’t very attractive, but the items provided by Tradey’s are very stylish indeed. You will look spot on while enjoying the best safety on welding jobs.

Customise Your Welding Apparel 

At Tradey’s, we can get your workwear customised according to your need. We offer screen printing and embroidery services and can have any type of logo, image, graphic or slogan printed or sewed onto your welding clothes. You can get this whether you have bought our gloves or hard hat earmuffs

Our customisation services make our company a perfect pick for corporate and large industrial firms that require uniforms for welders. We can get your business logo printed on shirts, aprons or other welding clothing so your business can look professional.  

Screen printing and embroidery is also superb for marketing your company or for helping your employees stay focused on dangerous jobs. You can add any slogan such as ‘safety first’ onto clothing to help keep everyone alert and aware of the dangers present at all jobs.

For the quality welding clothing, you can rely on Tradey’s. Buy your PPE welding wear online from our website, order your embroidery or screen printing style online and get everything delivered at your doorstep anywhere in Australia. 

Tradey’s Browns Plains provides the latest in protective workwear that services local areas around Browns Plains. We service areas such as Logan and sell products such as Visitec airwear. Browse our website further or contact us to learn more.

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