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Hard Hat Earmuffs

At Tradey’s we provide tradesmen and businesses with the best in protective workwear, to ensure that you are safe on the job!

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Hard Hat Earmuffs

Tradey’s has been providing local businesses with all the supplies they could need, including PPE safety, uniforms and cleaning supplies, for the last 14 years.

Why Are Hard Hat Earmuffs Important?

Wearing hearing protection such as industrial ear plugs can protect the wearer from getting noise-induced hearing loss after prolonged exposure to loud noises. If the sound level in a workplace is higher than 85 dB(A), then hearing protection should be worn. 

Ear muffs are two hard cups that fit over your ears. Both are filled with cushions and material which dull and weaken the sound you can hear, along with its effects on your long term hearing. These cups are held together by a headband so that they can be easily and comfortably worn on your head. The earmuffs should fit properly over your ears in order for them to work effectively and should be worn whenever you are subjected to a loud environment. It should, however, be ensured that wearers can still hear warning signals in case of an emergency.

Some Of Our Best Hard Hat Earmuffs

We stock a variety of hard hat earmuffs so there is sure to be one that meets all your needs:

  • Python Slimline Hard Hat Earmuffs – Python Hard Hat Earmuffs fit on a wide range of hard hats and make you visible to others by being Hi-vis in colour.
  • Viking V1 – The Viking V1 Earmuffs can be worn with or without a hard hat. The headband can also be moved into different positions to allow the wearer to decide how they want to wear them.
  • Viking V3 – The Viking V3 can also be worn with hard hats and the multiple position headband is inner-ventilated in order to minimize the pressure on the wearers head after prolonged use.
  • Viper Hard Hat Ear Muffs – Viper hard hat earmuffs fit on all ProChoice hard hats and have soft cushions to provide the wearer with comfort through extended wear.
  • Cool Pads II (5 pairs) – These can be placed on the ear cushions in order to absorb excess moisture and to ensure your ears are warm in colder climates.

Why Buy Earmuffs For Hard Hats From Tradey’s?

Tradey’s have been supplying local businesses with a wide range of tradie workwear  at competitive prices for over 14 years. We have formed close relationships with many of our loyal customers who come back time and time again through our good customer service and our drive to help our customers achieve exactly what they need. If a customer needs something urgently, we have even been known to order something in for them overnight and get it delivered to them the next day. That is how much we care about our customers.

If you have any questions about any of our products, do not hesitate to get in contact with us via our website or email us at

We look forward to you becoming one of our loyal and appreciated customers when you buy your hard hat earmuffs from Tradey’s.

Tradey’s Browns Plains provides the latest in protective workwear that services local areas around Browns Plains. We service areas such as Logan and sell products such as Visitec airwear. Browse our website further or contact us to learn more.

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