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15L Single Use General Purpose Spill Kit


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EnviroSmart’s range of general purpose spill kits provide products suitable for absorbing water-based non-hazardous liquids – such as paints, coolants and hydrocarbons – including oils, fuels and grease.

They combine premium floor sweeps and socks with pads and pillows to ensure spills in all situations from small workshops to mines and manufacturing plants can be efficiently handled.


SKU Description Qty
ES-PPGP-400 SpillSmart Poly Pads General Purpose – 48cm x 43cm x Heavy Weight – Dimpled & Perforated 2
ES-A-FS-2.5 SpillSmart Floor Sweep 2.5kg 1
ES-SOGP-75-1.2 SpillSmart Grey Absorbent Socks – General Purpose – 1.2m x 75mm 1
ES-G-NL Pair of Nitrile Gloves 1
Cable Tie 1