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Freezer Wear

If you’re in the market for freezer clothing, you’ll find a fantastic selection at Tradey’s. But how do you know which garments will work best for you?

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Freezer Wear Clothing

When considering what freezer clothing you need, firstly you must know exactly how cold your work area will be, and what exactly you will be doing in it.

Freezer Wear Clothing that Works

Will you be in 0-4 degree refrigerated units, or are you performing your role in a -60-degree blast freezer? This will influence what type of clothing you will need.

The other point to make is how active you will be in your role. If you are performing low-energy tasks, then your internal temperature will not raise much. However, if you are busy with moving heavy items, you will probably end up sweaty – putting yourself at risk of cold injuries.

Prolonged exposure to freezing temperatures is dangerous.

When exposed to freezing temperatures, the body tries to increase its core temperature to protect the vital organs and ensure their continued operation. What this means to you is that your fingers and toes become cold, as the blood vessels constrict and keep blood in the core.

Working in cold environments also puts you more at risk of slips, trips and falls – especially around doorways where the change in temperature can make them slippery. Refrigeration that creates the chilled atmosphere relies on toxic gases, so you need to be aware of the chemical dangers of your environment too.

What to Look for in Freezer Warehouse Clothing


Don’t be fooled into thinking that you only need one layer when working in freezing conditions. One huge, warm jacket might keep you warm initially, but you are in danger of sweating and putting yourself more at risk. Choose multiple layers and look for a moisture-wicking base layer to protect you from getting damp. Wash your freezer jackets regularly, following the care advice, and ensure that it is kept dry between shifts.


Safety shoes (like our Mack safety shoes) are a must, but look for ones designed for freezer wear. At the least, they should have leather uppers (breathable), and more than 500g Thinsulate lining is recommended. Make sure they have a slip-resistant sole and avoid steel toe caps – these get very cold and will become uncomfortable quickly. Most composite toe caps are much better suited to a cold environment. Socks are important too; cotton socks aren’t recommended as they are not moisture-wicking (socks count as a base layer!), and make sure they are not restricting.


An insulated beanie or balaclava is both breathable and warm, do not underestimate the importance of keeping your head warm in the freezer!


This is a very personal choice – what suits one worker may not be appropriate for another, so make sure you get gloves that fit both your level of dexterity as well as the temperature. Good gloves will protect your hands from not only the air temperature but also from touching potentially colder surfaces like steel.

Tradey’s – The Biggest Choice in Freezer Wear

You know you need it, so now is the time to choose your protection. Have a look through our products to find the most appropriate freezer wear clothing for you and see why Tradey’s is the place to buy workwear apparel.

Tradey’s Browns Plains provides the latest in protective workwear that services local areas around Browns Plains. We service areas such as Logan and sell products such as Visitec airwear. Browse our website further or contact us to learn more.

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